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i'm just a little bitch i care about

It’s a fragile thing, this life we lead.



Remember that time when Sarah Rees Brennan broke you with Unspoken? You can yell at her about it this week on Sarah’s author board, as she’s visiting to chat about Untold!

We’re also giving away ARCs of Untold, so head on over and get to chatting!

Untold in eight days. ;)

Can’t wait!

[Crowd chants Eddie’s name] Shut the fuck up. I’m a bigger loser than all of ya’ll, put together… but it’s nice to be in good company.

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"Jane? Jane… forgive me. I couldn’t tell you, I knew you’d never stay. Jane, come away with me. We’ll go and live together in that whitewashed villa away from everyone. You have no family to care, to interfere with us. Jane? Jane, can you hear me?"

poor Jane <3

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Self-realized and metaphysically redeemed. May not live another life. May not solve our mystery.

Binaural, 2000

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